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jobs.onexhub.com usage and conditions

jobs.onexhub.com provides online job serach and job posting facilities for FREE. As such, there are no expressed or implied warranties that come with this free service. The website is open to the general public and job seekers are warned about being careful at releasing their information to unknown companies/recruiters.

jobs.onexhub.com is NOT affiliated with any of the advertisers, employers, or recruitment companies that can freely post their content on our site. We do not verify the correctness of the content of the ads or job seeker information on this site. It is a free and open forum for job seekers and employers.

Banned Employment or Advertisements

Your account can get suspended if you post banned/illegal content on our website. Banned content includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Adult or pornographic related material or services
  • Illegal drugs or employment/services relating to them
  • Promoting spam or email marketing and services or employment related to them
  • Employment concerning the sale, procurement, or production of pirated materials 

Confidentiality / Privacy Policy

We take your personal information security very seriously.

Employers/Recruiters are free to post any contact information they deem necessary for job seekers to find them. We do not censor the information provided on the job posts. Take precautions when posting your contact details.

Job seekers post their resume and information on our website for purposes of finding employment. Be advised that your public resume information may be viewed by potential employers/recruiters.